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covid-19 policy

what to expect post-coronavirus


We are set to re-open as part of the Phase 3 NY Forward Plan, we here at North Wind are ready to go.  As NYS slowly allows businesses to return to operations, we are following the three-phase guidelines laid out by the Body Art Education Alliance (BAEA) to help minimize the risk of transferring COVID-19. During all phases, we will follow state and local guidance, as well as complimentary guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

We are taking baby steps in our re-opening, this is what to expect when visiting us.

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by appointment only

Tattoo sessions are by appointment only. Want to stop in for a consultation?  Want to show me your healed tattoo?  Awesome, call ahead to make an appointment.  Same-day appointments may be available, subject to availability.

face coverings required

All clientele must wear face-covering at all times while in the shop.  Artists must wear face coverings at all times and change face-covering between clientele.

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social distancing

Please arrive alone.  We love your friends, too, but for now, please leave them home.  No children, can't find a babysitter?  We'll happily reschedule your appointment.  We ask all clientele to maintain 6ft of social distance in the shop when possible.  

health check

How are you feeling?  Your temperature will be taken upon arrival. I know tattoo appointments are super exciting, but if you are not feeling well, please stay home and re-schedule your appointment. If your temperature is high, we will reschedule your appointment.  Artists are screened at the start of each day. 

hand washing & hygeine

All clientele will be asked to wash their hands upon entering the shop and as necessary throughout the session.  Please arrive fully showered and clean.  Artists will continue their usual hand washing and hygiene routine . 

disinfection & air filtration

This is already done and will continue, before the shop opens, during the day as activity necessitates, and at the end of each day.   Air filters have been put in place.  The bathroom will be maintained as many times as it is used during the day.


This policy will be posted clearly in the shop for viewing.  The full policy is available here.  

Phase One

For states and regions that satisfy the gating criteria.

  • Artists will be screened for symptoms before each shift, before entering the shop. Anyone with symptoms is immediately sent home.

  • Prior to opening, disinfect/sanitize all surfaces that may come in contact with clients and artists.

  • All consultation and tattoo sessions are by appointment only.   Appointments will be scheduled to reduce interaction with other customers.  Clients are requested to maintain social distancing.

  • Before the client enters the shop, we will ask questions regarding your health and check your temperature.

  • Artists in the establishment must wear face-covering and artists will change face-covering between customers.

  • Clients entering the establishment must wear face-covering at all times while in the shop.

  • Follow CDC recommendations for disinfection, hygiene, air filtration, and social distancing.

  • Toilet areas should be disinfected/sanitized regularly.

  • Customers should wash and or/sanitize their hands before and after handling any papers, documents, pens, surfaces, keyboards, or devices.

  • Prior to closing for the day, disinfect/sanitize all cleanable surfaces that may have come in contact with customers and employees.

  • Shop will have written protocols visible to clients to read and follow.

We ask for everyone's patience during this time.